“Lisa, you're an absolute miracle worker! I just got in from Japan, super-tired. Then I open an e-mail from you and find a reason to smile and laugh. I am absolutely in love with the direction you are heading....”

Mark Hoog,
Growing Field Books International

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Zeto Creative Know-How #4 : Identity Development

Dveloping a great identity requires a process, time, and lots of ideas!

Here at Zeto we start by creating a wordle – built from keywords, descriptive adjectives, and any other terms associated with the brand, service or product. Often, this process begins with the creative brief filled out by the client.

Next, we break out our pencils and papers and begin the rough sketching. Our goal here is to sketch as many ideas as possible. Sketching is an essential part of the logo process as it forces one to explore the interaction between the shapes, elements, and typography within our ideas.

Now, we pick the best ideas from the sketches (it's often hard to decide which are the best, as there are often a lot!) and start developing them further. At this stage we often begin to work digitally and develop them far enough along that they can be presented to a client for review.

At this point, the very happy client selects one or two versions that they'd like to see fully developed, and we build several variations from those selections.

Lastly, the variations are presented and a final identity is selected, and any remaining needed tweaks are applied. The logo is then prepped in various formats for various uses and delivered electronically.

Below you’ll see a few benchmarks in our process from a logo we recently completed.


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